Regional disparities in the Czech Republic - their occurrence, identification and elimination

The project focused on research of disparities in territorial development is a project executed under research programme of Ministry for Local Development for 2007 to 2011–WD programme – Research for regional disparities management.

The research is supported in accordance with Regional development support act No. 248/2000, §3, item c) as „research and technological development contributing to total development of the region relating to support in introducing new technologies and innovations and increasing capacities of research and development there where it is necessary for the development of the region“.

Purpose of the project

Regional disparities as phenomena of regional development are a term having been very frequently used for last ten years. But this term is very often used for facts having only a little bit to do with understanding of disparity as an unsubstantial territorial disparity managed by regional management.

Recently it can be really seen e.g. in forming the Strategy of regional development of the Czech Republic and in setting its priorities. It looks that excess use and incorrect understanding of this term results namely from it that there has not yet existed any developed theoretical base for this phenomena and any strictly defined system and methodological frame of its understanding (concept).

If it happens and disparities are intuitively correct identified, there are missing tools and mechanism of their classification, mutual comparison and assessment.

That’s why a fundamental research of these problems is very topical and its results can very significantly contribute to general increasing the quality of regional management at all levels of territorial management in the Czech Republic.


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